USB Mass Storage – status update

Mass storage class for AROS’ USB stack is almost ready now. I have completed the exec-device interface and fixed few most annoying bugs. The class should support all devices supporting bulk-only protocol (that is, almost everything), including all USB card readers. USB DVD drives might work too, but I do not have the hardware to test.

Using the mass storage class, I have formatted a small SFS partition on my USB stick. It worked. I’ve tried to copy my whole AROS CD there. It worked again. Reading from the very same partition works. FAT partition from the very same stick worked too, both in read and write mode. The screenshot I’ve made for you was stored on FAT partition of USB stick 🙂 Welcome new and easier way to transfer data to and from AROS 🙂

During next few days I will clean the code a bit and commit it to AROS’ repository. Apart from that I will fix the USB stack and AROS a bit in order to make booting from USB key feasible. Then, the USB Mass Storage bounty will be completed.

4 thoughts on “USB Mass Storage – status update”

  1. Fantastic news!! 🙂

    AROS on an LiveUSB is a dream come true! Let’s hope we will see WmvAROS_USB edition real soon 🙂

    Im I right to asume that the kernel and grub need to be on a FAT32 partition? If AROS can read/write to FAT32 partitions, do we really need SFS?

    So Michal, whats next? eeePC bounty? 😉

  2. Great! Great! GREAT!

    Michal, you’ve made my day.

    For the anonymous: don’t worry, a VmwAROS Stick! is already planned. I’m just waiting for the USB support! 😉

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