New efika iso

The last ISO you got was a bit annoying. There were almost forty modules to load by OF. It took long. Moreover, putting these files on FAT-formatted USB stick failed, since OF was unable to find some of the files.

I made few changes to the bootstrap code and AROS itself. AROS sets up interrupts in proper way. It should not lock anymore, as it happened before. The USB mass storage has been fixed a bit and should work a bit better now. Regarding the bootstrap code, following changes have been made:

  • os_image does not need the boot-device setting anymore. Boot it from any place and it will work as expected.
  • os_image honors the command line argument passed from OF. Now, if both menu.lst and OF command line contain parameters for kernel, they will be joined together.
  • os_image supports packages. No need to load 40 boot files through OF anymore. There will be few packages: generic-ppc, efika, usb and few other files to load. It means faster boot time and less risk of OF issues 😉
  • os_image does not support timeout option anymore. If there are more kernel configurations, it will stop and wait for an input.

Although timeout is gone, os_image on this cd will boot aros without waiting. I have removed the second boot option, which was not used anymore. How to boot? Put the CD into drive and type:

boot cd os_image

whereas “cd” corresponds to the boot device you use. You may find this iso here.