Almost there :)

This week was a very active one. I was working on my mass storage class all the time and got some really impressive results. The bounty is almost ready, at the moment I’m testing the class and the USB stack as a whole too. I have tested the mass storage class on my two USB sticks and a 4-in-1 USB card reader. All of them seems to work properly. In my private test phase were incorporated three different machines:

  • my dying laptop (either gfx chip or it’s VRAM attempts to die pathetically – a chance of successful boot into X11 or Windows oscillates around 5%) used for development
  • x86_64 box with 32 bit native aros to do some heavy testing
  • my wifes PC which was the very first computer in the world booting AROS from USB stick 😉

Additionally, a qemu with USB forwarding has been used for immediate tests (in this case, the qemu takes a whole device of my wish over). In all this cases the USB stack and mass storage class seem to work properly. The mass storage is also being tested by other people, whom I’m very thankful 🙂

Once the eventual bugs are ironed out the bounty, according to it’s description, will be completed.

Note about the speed: AROS’ USB stack has at the moment the OHCI and UHCI drivers. It means, only the USB1.1 speed may be expected. The closest to the maximal transfer rate is, with 1.4MB/s, the SmartFilesystem. Both fat and ffs filesystems are dramatically slow, achieving 160KB/s and 140KB/s, respectively. Keep this information in minde while toying with AROS 🙂