Smart Filesystem

Tonight, I have managed to compile the Smart Filesystem (SFS) for AROS! The whole internals are already there, but the filesystem cannot do very much yet. It detects a formatted (with AROS!) partition properly, allows to format a partition and to create directories on it. The rest doesn’t work properly yet.

The SFS will be able to work in both BigEndian and LittleEndian modes, allowing maximum performance on desired platform and, by the same time, the compatibility with other SFS variants. Additionally I will try to clean the code up (yes, it is messy right now) and fix some bugs present in the code.

At the end, the SFS sources for AROS (they are already in our SVN repository, check the contrib/SFS) will be synced with the SFS repository on the If the need arises, this version of SFS will be ported to the m68k AmigaOS.

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