Wanna try out the SFS?

Do you want to try my version of Smart File System out? Go here (or simply click on the title of this post) and enjoy.

PS. Have I already mentioned, that this version is free of checksum-bugs? Theoretically it should work as stable as the original SFS version 1.84. In practise it may behave better, since I’ve already fixed some issues which were present in the original code.


I have found and fixed a nasty bug in Smart File System. The filesystem was never setting the lock/handle type to ST_ROOT. Therefore, plenty of dos.library’s functions failed to work. That was the reason why the C:Dir and C:List commands failed to work on SFS partition, too.

I’ve fixed this issue now, and the filesystem seems to work properly now. Well, actually it still has some problems with checksums on admin blocks (I’ve copied my whole SYS: to the SFS partition and I saw five or sixchecksum errors), but I hope to solve it really soon.

Stay tuned 🙂