Beta testers needed

I have just fixed some annoying bugs in nforce NIC driver. It should behave stable now and not hang whole arostcp if overflooded with packets. Currently the driver puts some debug output about usage of RX and TX queues – 4 messages within every second.

I have been trying to flood my aros machine and my driver with ping. Unfortunatelly 100MBit network was not sufficient to break the driver down. Occasionally, I have tried to flood the attacking machine with pings sent from my aros box, without success too 🙂

Out of almost 2 millions of packets used in this battle, something like 500 have been lost. Really a lot, just because of my debug output displayed on vga16-driven screen (the slowest driver we have). Some packets are lost too due to the gfx benchmark which I started occasionally at the same time.

I need betatesters now. If you can, please help. I’ve attached a link to the newest version of driver (binary file to be used in aros directly).

2 thoughts on “Beta testers needed”

  1. Pozdrowienia z Żagania 🙂
    Widze ze pracujesz nadal nad Amigą lub jej duchem w postaci AROSa. gratulacje. keep up the good work.

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