Out of funds…

Well, there should be next status update of ATI driver. But there isn’t one. I hope it will change soon.

Well, the fact is, my financial balance does not allow me to concentrate on ATI driver right now. I will focus on the nforce ethernet driver in order to make this extremely delayed bounty complete. Then I will eventually continue on ATI driver. The speed of development depends strictly on the size of Bounty #34. If the bounty is low ($5 now) I work slowly – my family doesn’t see any benefits on spending time for development. If bounty rises up, my family will let me code. I wrote the nVidia driver within two months, whereas basic driver (with very few acceleration) was ready within three weeks.

Well, I look right now like an awful bounty-hunter. Sorry for that. But on the other hand I have to complete my PhD thesis, find new job, get some money, live, eat and such 🙂

Small sweet candy in this bitter post is my current AROS-TODO:

  1. nforce ethernet driver
  2. ATI driver
  3. USB stack
  4. CABOOM (OOP proposed by Fabio – way faster and simplier than current one)