ATI driver status update

I’ve just managed to re-use the code, which is remotely common among all video drivers in AROS (well, at least the same is in nVidia.hidd). So at the moment the ATI-compatible card is searched for and, if found, the memory mappings for framebuffer and MMIO are perpared. ATI driver is currently 12KB (KiB?) long and detects all devices supported – from old Rage128 up to the newest R420 GPU’s.

Well, I will have to double the driver, since the Rage128 has to be handled in different way compared to the Radeon family. I hope only that both parts will coexist somehow and share as much code as possible.

Anyway, the next status update should happen soon – and then my ATI card should already show something. Perhaps even Wanderer screen 😀

2 thoughts on “ATI driver status update”

  1. Hi Again michal =D

    Ive been wondering if you will look at any of the following for AROS now that you have 2 gfx drivers..

    Could AROS be made to only support vesa/vga from grub – and somehow either through probing or just manually launching – a gfx hidd gets fired up that the user would want (for example when the display preferences are set)

    How it is launched isnt really relevant right now – so long as it can be manually launched and detected by the display prefs for use there after..

    Next boot AROS should via iprefs or some other means know that the hidd should be loaded.

    Cards which support multiple monitor connections should have a generic way to identify the capability – and our prefs should allow you to choose the desired output ..

    Using more than one output in AROS (shouldnt be a problem for single display output apps – ie not spannign etc)

  2. well, i was here just to say congrats. but i do agree with kal, would be nice not to populated grub menu with video drivers options.

    of course, i do prefer a populated grub than no driver at all! =o)


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