ATI driver status update

I’ve just managed to re-use the code, which is remotely common among all video drivers in AROS (well, at least the same is in nVidia.hidd). So at the moment the ATI-compatible card is searched for and, if found, the memory mappings for framebuffer and MMIO are perpared. ATI driver is currently 12KB (KiB?) long and detects all devices supported – from old Rage128 up to the newest R420 GPU’s.

Well, I will have to double the driver, since the Rage128 has to be handled in different way compared to the Radeon family. I hope only that both parts will coexist somehow and share as much code as possible.

Anyway, the next status update should happen soon – and then my ATI card should already show something. Perhaps even Wanderer screen 😀