Merry X-mas

Merry Christmas to You all out there! 🙂

And sorry for disappointing many of You during this year. Some of you hoped this year I will do something nice for them. And I failed many times. I would really like to tell you that I’m really sorry about that. I feel really bad about it.

Stephen, I feel really sorry that I failed and didn’t gave you the promised enchantments to AROS. I do know you were really disappointed with (lacking) results of my work even if you never said that. Thanks for everything you did to AROS.

ACube, I feel really sorry that I cannot give you any good news about progress I made. There is no progress. I’m sorry but work and real life are eating all the spare time I could have for you.

Nikos, I feel awfully that I cannot give you the X-mas gift – overlay for intel GMA. I really wanted to but, once again, I failed. I failed. Forgive me. Keep good work on supporting AROS.

sorry guys…