EfikaMX meets AROS again

After me and Pavel made the linux-hosted ARM version of AROS, I was wondering who will try to make a great use of it and when. I haven’t had to wait long, at least not long in terms of Amiga way 😉 I found out that the very interesting Linux hosted distribution, namely Broadway X, not only is actively developed, but also targets the EfikaMX machines! This is just great!

AROS on ARM cpu’s gives the user really good experience of small, fast and lightweight operating system. It’s so much different from regular linux distributions! All programs start within a second or less, the graphical user interface is very responsive. If only we had more apps…

This is exactly the place, where BroadwayX (I would prefer it to be Broadway MX ;)) helps. Here, with help of tiny lx command, it is possible to launch linux-side applications directly from AROS environment. Because of that, you can use AROS on EfikaMX all the time. If you lack any application, just launch linux one. I must admit I haven’t tested that distribution personally yet, but I will do that as soon as possible 🙂

Another exciting news related to AROS on EfikaMX, is the OpenGL for AROS hosted bounty. Once finished, AROS hosted distribution will get hardware accelerated 3D support. Another milestone towards better AROS!

Cube 2 on AROS hosted