Status of AROS for EfikaMX


Two weeks ago Raquel and Bill announced price drop for EfikaMX nettop and smartbook. The prices in the store have been updated already, and the Genesi store for EU citizens is open. A nice gift for all of us living on this side of The Pond. These nice machines attract interest of many people of our small community and so, some of You asked me about the status of AROS for ARM machines, especially AROS for EfikaMX. So, here it is:

AROS hosted on linux

Here, the nightly build of core package is available on AROS website for download. This linux-arm-system build is done automatically every night. Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will work out of the box, nor that it will give you all the bells and whistles you know from the very great Icaros distribution. If the binary doesn’t work, try to download it again in one or few days. Nevertheless, most of the builds are working. Even better — this build benefits from the improvements of other AROS ports, like the AROS m68k one, so it “improves” each day. In some near future I will add to this build some of our contrib packaged. OWB, maybe?

AROS native for EfikaMX

The native port of AROS for EfikaMX is still on the schedule. I will take care of it as soon as I find the time. Right now I’m involved in few other projects and, therefore, native AROS for this ARM has to wait. Don’t worry — it will be available.

Future of AROS for ARM

What the future of AROS for ARM will be? Well, it’s not only in my hands — it depends on all of you. AROS never was a one-man project, and was always dependent on the community. Many years ago the community was very weak and AROS was hardly noticeable outside our development mailing list. Nowadays, the community grew and so grows AROS. We had x86 nightly builds only, now we have two great distributions and some commercial software. The same applies for ARM target — whether it will grow or not, is up to You.