Ten years ago…

… I was preparing my very first commit for AROS. It wasn’t much. A tiny bootsector loading few sectors from floppy. These sectors contained some startup code followed by empty function written in C. Everything else was written in assembler.

No, it wasn’t working yet. It was just proof of concept. A small check whether I will be able to perform this task. I was ten years younger and much more stupid of course. It was beginning of a great adventure.

And then, three days later, the cvs mailer generated an email containing these few lines:

* schulz 15.09.1998 22:31:13

  AROS/config/ibmpc/boot/: Makefile(A), README(A), bootsect.S(A), 
  head.S(A), init.c(A), setup.S(A), video.S(A):
  At least. The first pre-alpha version. Not to much for now, but it 

The mysterious story of native x86 AROS begun. It’s time to open some wine 🙂