SAM440 Bounty

Has been marked as completed. I have been working on AROS port for SAM440 for half a year. It was an extraordinary experience. I have never been working on such “young” hardware before. I have never been cooperating with board developers at this degree before. Thank you all for letting me do it! 🙂

The ISO of Sam440 AROS can be found here (MD5: 68b1010851d29de3aaf711af7fa9144e). It is compressed with 7zip again. Network starts automatically upon AROS startup. Due to some inconvenience in AROS (it lacks __ckhabort() function) I haven’t used DHCP protocol to set the IP of Sam440. Instead, the static address is used.

I want to thank all of You who did helped me. My Wife for patience and acceptance, Randy Vice for leading TeamAROS for so long, and for very nice cooperation, Massimiliano Tretene and Nicola Morocutti for all the help, tons of good technical information and nice talks late evenings, all Bounty supporters and the whole AROS team and all you who whished me luck.

I will not leave the sam440 alone. There is still so much to do 🙂
… and never enough time.