Try it Yourself

Sam440 port of AROS is missing the EMAC driver at the moment. Nevertheless I have decided to give you a test version to try. Few comments on this iso:

  • Download it from this address,
  • Compressed size: 7492755 bytes, Uncompressed size: 37980160 bytes,
  • the MD5 sum equals 6f630f0bff9f5c5922d5ef76e1c748f5
  • The kernel of AROS assumes that your machine has 512MB of memory,
  • The default resolution is set to 1024x768x16. Due to a bug hiding in Zune, AROS might be unstable after the mode switch.
  • I have tested AROS connected to monitor through the DVI port – this one works for sure.

Have fun with it.