I’ve promised to show you some screenshot

That’s how it looks like. The menu drawing and handling in bootstrap is for real. The menu.lst file is made for testing purposes, just to see whether it will be interpreted properly.

The default boot option is marked red and will be booted in 2 seconds (as seen on the screen) unless some other option gets selected. Of course one may change both the default option and the timeout.

The menu.lst config file which was parsed by bootstrap was like this:

# menu.lst config file for PPC AROS. Test version 😉

timeout 20
default 0

title AROS PowerPC test 1
   kernel boot/aros-ppc1 arg1 argument_2 “some arg 3” another_one
   module Libs/arosc.library
   module boot/modules.pkg
   module boot/test1.module

title AROS PPC test 2
   kernel boot/aros-ppc2
   module boot/modules.pkg
   module boot/test2.module

title AROS PPC third option
   kernel boot/blah