AROS x86_64 Beta 2

Don’t expect much from it. It is a beta 2 in early test phase – many things may just crash without any warning 🙂

Anyway, you may get it from here.

7 thoughts on “AROS x86_64 Beta 2”

  1. Gave it a try om my AMD 64 DualCore, didn’t work unfortunalty, tried both options on boot!

    PAGE FAULT EXCEPTION just after addin g memory!

    i can post more info if you like!


  2. Now I see it. You have a bit more than 4GB of RAM, don’t you? The problem is, that I prepare only the first 4GB of address space for MMU. 🙂

  3. Well to bad its not true 64bit unless made fro the amiga classic or the itanium or ps3 one in the same.

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