AROS x86_64 Beta 2

Don’t expect much from it. It is a beta 2 in early test phase – many things may just crash without any warning :)

Anyway, you may get it from here.

  1. Gave it a try om my AMD 64 DualCore, didn’t work unfortunalty, tried both options on boot!

    PAGE FAULT EXCEPTION just after addin g memory!

    i can post more info if you like!


  2. Yes, please send me the complete log if you can (it’s sent to the COM1 :))

  3. COM1, no problem ?)

    how a bout a screen shot??

  4. Now I see it. You have a bit more than 4GB of RAM, don’t you? The problem is, that I prepare only the first 4GB of address space for MMU. :)

  5. I have 4GB in there, i will pull a stick out tonight and try it again!!


  6. Got a bit further with 3GB in it!


    Eventually Aros64 will support much more memory won’t it?

  7. Well to bad its not true 64bit unless made fro the amiga classic or the itanium or ps3 one in the same.