USB: Type with your USB Keyboard

I was working on support for USB Keyboards (part of the HID class) recently. Almost all keys seemd to work properly with one set of exceptions – all modifier keys were somehow broken. Today morning I have added the only one missing line of code and they work as expected now.

So, right now one may use the USB keyboard for almost everything. The Amiga keys are mapped to the both windows keys, all keys are working. What doesn’t? The CapsLock key is not yet handled, the keyboard LEDs are not working (these two are matter of this afternoon) and key repeating does not work at all. The latter is caused by the IND_ADDEVENT command of input.device beeing not properly implemented.

I will try to fix all this issues today evening/tonight and commit the code (allthough I have a very limited network access now) so that the next nightly build will contain the newest and working version of USB HID class.

I have found an IRDA USB converter by my parents. It might be interesting to see whether it would work on aros 🙂