USB WiP release in nightly

Howdy! Few days ago I have committed the WiP release of my USB stack to the aros repository (it’s in /contrib/necessary/USB now) and made USB stack part of the nightly build. It means, it could be tested by everyone, provided that she/he has a PC with UHCI host controller.

At the very moment only the USB Mouse (including wheel support) should working. The USB tabled and UBS Keyboard are on the shedule. I expect to make them both till end of the week. Once done, I will concentrate on the OHCI driver and on fixing some issues in UHCI…

Yes, UHCI issues. For some reason, the UHCI controller does not change the “Connect status change” in UHCI port status register does not want to get set when I plug in new devices. I’m sure it’s my fault somehow, but at the moment I have no clue what the reason is. Ah well, will be fixed. Stay tuned for more news 🙂

PS. I would like to thank Daniel Holmen for supporting me with an USB keyboard 🙂

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