I am not a $DeadBeef…

…even if you’ve though so after almost five months of total inactivity here 🙂 I have had a break with AROS for some time, due to the reasons you know (see my previous post). Apart from that I have finished writting of my dissertation and am waiting for the proofs. Once they’re here I will attempt my PhD exam 😀

Working on two different projects at the same time did happen to be an extremenly uncomfortable case. Therefore, I’ve concentrated on the USB stack right now and I hope to make it work within near future. Apart from that I have added a DTM_WRITE method to our png.datatype (LUT , RGB and RGBA formats are supported). It means that you may now grab screenshots and save them in loseless PNG format.


2 thoughts on “I am not a $DeadBeef…”

  1. Hi Michal, nice to read you again! 🙂
    So you’ve finished writing of your dissertation … great! As I know you are a LaTeX freak (you have wrote it here : http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=1467&forum=7&post_id=11940#forumpost11940
    may I ask you if you’ve used LaTeX for your dissertation? If yes you could perhaps want to compile it under AROS if TeX was ported… Well in fact I dream of it 🙂 and I think I’ll ask for the creation of such a bounty soon (I mean port at least pdfetex, mf and sort of kpathsea tool). What do you think about it?

  2. Hi Michal!

    Nice to have you back! USB stack will be awesome. Maybe we will see a ‘LiveAROS’ on a USB stick someday?


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