Download ATI driver


After long and stressful fight with ATI driver and it’s porely documented XFree86 sources, I have managed to make accelerated version of it. It supports accelerated line drawing, rectangles, filled rectangles and polygons. Additionally, it uses accelerated blitting between all bitmaps which reside in Video memory of Radeon card, if only they are in the same resolution (dunno, whether accelerated blitting mixed with color-depth scaling is feasible on Radeons, it was on NVIDIA though).

Comparing to the NVIDIA hidd, the only unaccelerated method is monochrome text drawing. It will be implemented soon. Later, I will finally implement routines for monitor detecting. Like in case of I2C bus, it might happen that the DDC2 will be implemented as a separate class.

If you want to give my driver a try, get it from here, and save it into SYS:Devs/Drivers directory of your native AROS. Additionally, you need the I2C classes in the same directory. You may get binary of I2C from here.

In order to make the driver work, you have to pass the following options to the kernel (from GRUB loader):

lib=DRIVERS:i2c.hidd lib=DRIVERS:radeon.hidd gfx=RadeonDriver

Have fun 🙂