News on ATI driver

Hello. Finally I do have some good news for all of you who are interested in using their ATI cards with AROS. The ATI driver works properly now, however it is still unaccelerated. That means, that at this time it is even slower than the legacy Vesa driver. But finally it works.

The code looks pretty ugly now – it is a mixture of AROS typical code and the XFree86 code (modified BSD licence). Since there are many workarounds needed and the chip initialisation is not trivial, I have just reused the XFree86 code here. Since there are some differences between AROS and XFree86 (in AROS, all bitmaps are stored in VRAM if available, and blits between them are done by 2D accel engine of the card), the rest of the code will be much more cleaner and logical. The driver cannot detect type of connected monitors at the moment and it assumes that they all are CRT’s. It does work with my TFT connected through analog DB15. In order to change that, we need i2c bus implementation and support for ddc/ddc2.

I will commit the source into AROS as soon as I clean the code up (it’s matter of two days in the worst case) and binary driver will show up somewhere here, including instructions how to use it with already installed AROS.

Stay tuned 🙂