Message from the bottle

The debug output catched by 64-bit qemu showed today the following output (from emulated serial console):

[BOOT] AROS Bootstrap.
[BOOT] Command line ‘/aros-x86_64 vesa=640x480x16’
[VESA] module (@ 0010A4BC) size=2144
[VESA] Module installed
[VESA] BestModeMatch for 640x480x16 = 111
[VESA] Module uninstalled
[BOOT] GRUB provides the following memory map:
[BOOT] 0000000000000000 – 000000000009FC00: 1
[BOOT] 0000000000100000 – 0000000007F00000: 1
[BOOT] Setting up descriptor tables.
[BOOT] Mapping first 4G area with MMU
[BOOT] Loading kernel
[BOOT] GRUB has loaded 4 files
[BOOT] * module asmsupport.o
[BOOT] * module aros.o
[BOOT] * package kernel.pkg:
[BOOT]   * module aros.o
[BOOT]   * module asmsupport.o
[BOOT] * module aros.o
[BOOT] Loading asmsupport.o
[BOOT] Loading aros.o
[BOOT] Leaving 32-bit environment. LJMP $8,$0000000000F80000
[AROS64] 64-bit AROS. Copyright (C) 2006 The AROS Development Team. All rights reserved.

Please note, that the bootstrap is now capable to switch VESA mode on demand (best mode match of command line argument), parse modules loaded by grub and even parse packages of modules. 🙂