AROS can detect my ATI card now

There is a progress. The driver just finds my Radeon card and detects amount of it’s GFX memory. Of course it still uses the nasty busy loop usleep microsecond delays, but I should turn it into using UNIT_MICROHZ of timer.device within this evening 🙂

No commit will occur since the driver is still highly unusable.

One thought on “AROS can detect my ATI card now”

  1. hi whats with all these finantial
    spooks posting weardo’s got out of here….

    anyway , my replys not directly related to your ati mildstone but seeing as your a cool coder and it seems dedicated to it i wondered if there will ever be a way for AROS to use the new X1000 series h264 encoding capabilitys that ati
    say they will openly document for all to use ?.

    and also i dont seem to see any reference to open 3d engines and such, i d like to mention that just yesturday id folowed a few blogs like so from here that lead me o here and this “You may have seen this on Bills blog and wondered what on earth he was talking about… Well, here’s the scoop. David Holm, Sven Luther and myself have ported Irrlicht, a 3D game engine to the ODW. The patch is not available in Gentoo portage yet, but I’ve been using it internally for porting purposes; games developed using this engine and using DirectX on Windows, will compile just fine on the ODW and will be rendered efficiently using OpenGL on the ODW. As a proof of concept, I am in the process of helping different gaming companies port their product over to the powerpc platform. Who knows what could happen with the next generation of gaming platforms being powerpc based.

    following that that 3D game engine link i was amazed that there exists what seems a fully open 3D engine that AROS might use with a fully sowtware option as fallback if no other Hardware option was available.

    thanks popper, south manchester,UK

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